Rapid Armored Corporation

Security is our number one priority! We safely and securely store and transport all your capital. We provide first-class service in securing your assets. Unlike our competitors, we assure efficient and secure storage and transportation.

Rapid Armored has designated security measures in place for every aspect of our products. We start our customized security solutions by first learning about your security needs.

We then develop customized solutions to meet those needs. For larger operations, the business impact of counting, tracking, verifying and securely storing chips, cash and bank deposits can be significantly reduced by using our automated technologies. Once we have a complete understanding of your daily operations, we create a personalized cash recycling solution for your company.

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We offer the maximum security and prompt, dependable service that the financial industry requires.


We offer a multitude of services for this fast-paced industry including cash payroll pickup and delivery.


Rapid Armored is a leader in professionalism and security and proudly serves the gaming industry.


With offerings like currency supply & sales verification, Rapid Armored is a perfect partner for retailers.


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