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How much time per day do you and/or your General Manager allocate to counting, then recounting the day’s cash revenues?

Approximately how many notes (bills) do you typically have to count in a day? (Relative to the cash acceptor case size: 1,200 notes and 2,200 notes.)

BENEFIT: The CA$H DEPOT counts the money for you and does it so without error. The time your employees spend counting and verifying revenues at the end of each shift is reduced by 90%. In fact, the CA$H DEPOT will indicate exactly how much each employee deposited into the safe, the time they deposited the currency and the break-down of denominations/bills that were deposited. It can also break that information down by day, week, month, year, and so on). This information can be found on printed receipts available directly from the CA$H DEPOT printer OR it can be found electronically on the secure monitoring website. Reducing the amount of time your employees spend counting money will allow you to utilize them in other areas of your business, extend their time working the floor, and eliminate accounting errors.

Do you utilize an Armored Courier? How many times a week?

BENEFIT: The CA$H DEPOT may reduce the amount of armored courier visits you have and make those visits more efficient. The CA$H DEPOT does this with the assistance of provisional credit with any participating bank (the amount of money deposited in the CA$H DEPOT is rolled into your banking or checking account the following business day….it kind of works opposite an ATM). So, you can simply write checks, withdraw money and pay bills with the money you have sitting in your CA$H DEPOT. Since you’re able to utilize the money sitting inside of your CA$H DEPOT, there is no rush for the armored courier to pick it up and bring it to the bank. This will allow you to space out your armored courier pick-ups a little more.

The armored courier is notified daily on the amount of the money that is deposited in the CA$H DEPOT. So, instead of scheduling a pick up two times a week regardless of the amount of money on hand, the armored courier can minimize the amount of times they come for a pick up by maximizing the amount of money they pick up each time. Since they will be aware of the amount of money on hand, they will be able to determine when a pick-up is necessary. Your armored courier can set a threshold on the CA$H DEPOT (for example, set the CA$H DEPOT to notify the armored carrier when your deposits reach $10,000). Once that threshold is reached, the armored courier will schedule your location in next available pick up cycle/route. Through the ease of accessibility of the CA$H DEPOT and the printed reconciliation receipt provided upon each reconciliation, the pick up only takes a matter of minutes. No more hassle of miscounted money or lost $ through inefficient armored courier pick-ups.

How much shrinkage (Employee Theft) are you experiencing?

BENEFIT: The CA$H DEPOT minimizes this very effectively. The less money that is exposed/available to your employees will limit the amount of theft you are liable to. The CA$H DEPOT is designed to securely store, monitor and control your cash revenues, eliminating unnecessary exposure to your employees and customers. In addition to reducing exposure, this will increase accountability; each employee has a unique identification color, number or swipe card when interacting with the CA$H DEPOT which allows each of their transactions/deposits to be monitored and tracked. This is also useful when evaluating an employee’s performance level. You can see who’s depositing what revenues and when they were deposited.

How many Cashiers on staff daily? (Relative to O.S. set-up)

BENEFIT: The CA$H DEPOT is equipped to accommodate any amount of employees you have on the floor. You can add, activate or deactivate employees via the monitoring website. There is no limit on the number of employees, managers or users you can program into your CA$H DEPOT.

Do you monitor your employee’s performance and production level?

BENEFIT: The CA$H DEPOT will allow you to see just how many revenues your employees are accountable for. You will have access to reports, showing how much money Employee #1 deposited on any given day versus how much money employee #2 has deposited. This will give you some insight on performance levels. If employee #1 is always 75% lighter on deposits then employee #2, this will indicate employee #1 may be performing at a superior level to employee #2 or employee #2 might be skimming off the top.

Do you experience much counterfeit hassle with your bank or armored courier?

Resolution: The MEI note acceptors/note readers (the benchmark product amongst note acceptors) come standard on every CA$H DEPOT . They are automatically updated with the most current anti-counterfeit technology through secure data transmissions/communications with the monitoring website. Each MEI note reader will instantly reject counterfeit bills once you try to feed them into the CA$H DEPOT. As you know counterfeit bills are becoming more common and are easier to print. Criminals are taking $5 bills, bleaching them, and then printing over those bills with ink to make them look like $100 bills. Not only will the MEI note acceptors reject counterfeit bills, but they can identify the exact denomination you deposit into the CA$H DEPOT. For example….Our website reports and printed receipts will tell you how many ones, fives, tens, twenties, fifties, hundreds and so on you have deposited in the CA$H DEPOT (whether it be by shift, employee, day or reconciliation). In addition to this, you are able to program what bills you want the CA$H DEPOT to accept (you decide which denominations you want to store in the CA$H DEPOT …the MEI note acceptors will reject the ones you do not want).

Is your Business Liability Insurance rising?

Resolution: The CA$H DEPOT may help reduce your business liability insurance by eliminating your cash’s exposure to customers and employees as well as increasing the accountability of your cash on hand. CA$H DEPOT keeps an electronic record of all cash deposited. This record will be verified by a third party (the monitoring website). The more you limit your cash’s exposure and the more accountability you have your money, the less liability you will encounter. There will be no more “he said she said” insurance claims for stolen or destroyed money. The CA$H DEPOT is your undeniable evidence in regards to how much cash you had securely stored.

Is someone monitoring or keeping an eye on your money, 24 hours a day? If the power goes out in your building, are you aware or notified? Are you automatically notified if someone accessed your current safe or money storage unit without your permission?

Resolution: The CA$H DEPOT is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The CA$H DEPOT relays a heartbeat to the monitoring website every 5 minutes. If the CPU is too hot, you will know. If the power goes out, you will know. If the CA$H DEPOT’s safe door is opened unauthorized, you will know. If the internet connection is down, you will be notified. Sleep well at night knowing your cash is monitored every second or every day. There are no holidays for the CA$H DEPOT.


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